Finding the Balance


I’m happy being who I am. Well…almost. I wish I could be more open about this feminine side of me. I am however, happy being able to have and display both my masculine and feminine sides. I love being the man I am. I like being one of the guys and hanging with my friends. I love sports and beer. I like fixing things and getting my hands dirty. I also like being the man that my wife expects and needs.

I also absolutely love looking in the mirror and seeing my female reflection. I love the feel of the variety of fabrics that only women get to experience. The look of my legs in heels and a dress or skirt. I cherish the times I get to dress and display my feminine side. Even when I’m not dressed, I like to look at women’s fashion websites and online stores. I’m also always aware of what other women are wearing whether it be at work or walking around the city. When I see an outfit that I like, jealousy sets in.

I’m still not completely sure who I am or what this all means. It’s certainly not easy. I’m hoping as I grow older things will become more clear and I will be more comfortable with who I am. It is encouraging to see that there are other people who are in the same boat as me. Some are just as confused as me, while others have found that balance that works for them.  Moving forward, I will continue to search for that balance and continue to come to terms with who I am.


Outlet for a Crossdresser

Hey everyone! My name is Claire and I’m a 30 year old (soon to be 31) mostly closeted crossdresser. I say mostly closeted because I have told my wife about my desire/need to dress and present as a women from time to time. I will get into telling my wife about this side of me in a later post.

So why write a blog? Well, for a few different reasons I guess. To start, I figured this may be a good outlet for me. Writing about this aspect of my life might help me figure some things out about who I am and where I’m headed as a person. Reason two is because I truly love all things feminine, especially fashion. I figured it might be fun to research and blog about the many aspects of crossdressing and presenting as female. My presentation as a women is definitely a work in progress, but I figured I could share my two cents anyway! Lastly, I understand that this may not be the most visited or most popular blog, but making connections with like minded people would certainly be a plus. I know I feel better reading and learning about people who are in a similar situation. It’s my hope that I can be helpful just like the many girls who’ve been a help and inspiration to me! And if no one stumbles onto this page? It’s okay! This is still a great outlet for me.

So why The Stealth Crossdresser? Firstly, besides my wife who (who knows very little) no one in my life knows about this side of me. I’m not so sure they ever will. Time will tell I suppose. Besides dressing in a secretive manner, I also love trying to incorporate female pieces of clothing and accessories into my everyday male attire. Or be “stealth” about it.  I try to do this while still maintaining a fashionable masculine look which is also important to me. I’m looking forward to writing about my life and the issues our community may have to deal with. Anyway if you’re reading this, I hope you enjoy my blog! I already feel better for writing this post!